Compare quotes from up to 8 Insurance brands.

Selecting the right insurance provider is possibly one of your most important decisions with so many factors to consider, choosing a right insurance can be overwhelming. Which is why BackedSure is dedicated to making the process smoother by sourcing quotes from some of South Africa’s leading insurance companies. 

Car Insurance

Get a quote today and you could save on your car insurance premiums. Safeguard yourself against unforeseen vehicle emergencies with affordable and flexible cover. We offer comprehensive, affordable and flexible insurance quotes for your car.

Insurance Combo

Getting quotes for your car, home and buildings can be time-consuming. Combining your car and home insurance under one umbrella could save you money and time. Let help you compare quotes using the insurance combo option.

Cellphone Insurance

Cellphones keep us connected and have become an integral part to life. Comparing cellphone insurance quotes will help get you the best cover at the lowest cost for your individual needs. Before you commit, hippo it.

Legal Assist

Enjoy the benefit of legal assistance when you need it. Simply complete a few easy steps to compare Legal Assistance quotes side by side. You never know when you might need expert Legal Assistance.

Household Insurance

Replacing the valuables inside our homes can be an expensive exercise. Damage caused through fire and flood or theft is never expected either. Compare household insurance quotes with hippo and get quotes from various insurance companies from BackedSure, trusted choice for car insurance.

Motorcycle Insurance

Bikers will be pleased to learn that they could be insured at the best price and value by simply comparing quotes online using We know motorbikes are costly, so why not try and save with hippo. Compare insurance quotes today.

Travel Insurance

The most important aspect of your trip could be getting the best travel insurance cover for peace of mind. Compare travel insurance quotes online from hippo’s handy platform where you could save money and time.

Business Insurance

Protect your business by comparing insurance quotes. Compare quotes from multiple insurance companies in South Africa so that you can help protect your business against theft, loss of earnings, injury, liability and more.

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