Pet Health Plans

Pet Insurance allows you to provide the best possible care for your four-legged friend when the unexpected happens. How would you handle expensive medical costs if your pet were to be involved in an accident or needed to undergo extensive surgery?

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Dog and Cat Insurance

Covers your pet in the event of injury or illness. With the rising cost of animal medical treatment and procedures Pet Insurance is becoming more important for pet owners.

Exotic Pet Insurance

Covers the owner of an exotic pet, for example, a bird, bunny, rodent or reptile, to ensure the health needs of the animal will be met. Depending on the needs of the pet, the owner can tailor the insurance policy to suit the pet’s health needs.

Horse Insurance

Covers the owner financially in the event they have to pay for medical costs due to illness, surgery or death of a horse. A specialised vet is usually needed to treat horses, which means that medical costs can be high. Equine Insurance can provide financial cover.

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Why do you need Pet Medical Aid?

Pet Insurance is like Medical Aid for your pets

Pet Medical Aid allows you to provide the best possible care for your pet

Compare quotes side-by-side and see where you can save.

Pet Medical Aid will assist you financially in covering your pets’ medical expenses.

A hassle-free view of prices and benefits in just a few steps.

Pet Medical Aid can provide cover for accidental injury, illness, and preventative care such as vaccinations, flea control, and sterilisation.

There are no hidden fees and we look after your personal information.